After studying under many religious organizations, the author found that, in his opinion, man began to change what the apostles were teaching. The book "The skepticism of understanding the word of God" is intended to just get your attention, and hopefully, encourage you to read the Bible for the truth.

After the above book, Jesse decided to write the book "BOBY". A story about his boyhood life and adventure.

Jesse Weaver was born in 1935, in Louisville, Kentucky. He is married to Barbara, his wife of 58 years. They are the parents of seven wonderful Children; Thomas, Cynthia, Robert, Angela, twins Timothy and Kimberly and Jennifer.
They now have 14  Grandchildren and 8 Great Grandchildren.
I'm sorry, but my publisher apparently went out of business. They first changed their name then they were gone.
I will try to find a new publisher and book stores to carry them. I may have to handle order myself.
Will renew my web page at that time.  Thanks for your patients.

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